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From  The Big Book Adventure  © 2018 by Tim Warnes

From The Big Book Adventure © 2018 by Tim Warnes

You love reading and listening to stories (you always have, for as long as you can remember). You have old favourites (Charlotte's Web, anyone?) and enjoy discovering the new. You regret the amount of screen time we all have - especially our children - yet feel helpless to do anything about it. What will happen when the children of today become the adults of tomorrow? you wonder. Will anyone still be reading for pleasure?

You want to do something about it, inspire your kids - but you’re unsure where to start. So you head to your local bookshop. Faced with the spines of such an array of picture books, you feel overwhelmed. You pull a few out at random, but they’re wedged in so tightly that’s it’s impossible to replace them. So you leave before finding Something Special for someone you love.

Relatable? Then my blog might be for you. Part memoir; part commentary; part review by an industry insider. Aimed squarely at book lovers with a special interest in children’s literature and supporting reading for pleasure.

To quote a Bear of Very Little Brain - “It isn’t much good having anything exciting, if you can’t share it with somebody.”

Welcome to My Life in Books.

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